Friday Movie Pick – Alessandro

WolfBeing that some of you listen on the east coast are being hit with this nor’easter. I suggest watching The Wolf on Wall Street based on a true story of Jordan Belfort played by the great Leo DiCaprio and a great young supportive cast like Jonah Hill and the beautiful Maggie Robbie and the ageless Mathew McConaughy. Martin Scorsese takes the true story (as usual) of Belfort and his lavishing lifestyle of scamming and corruption. Nerd note about this film Belfort served 22 months and a beautiful prison 😂😂 but his cellmate while in prison and the man who told him to write his story into a script was Tommy Chong from Cheech and Chong films. Enjoy your wet and cold weekend folks this film will entertain you for 3 hours for sure.

Episode # 20 – Natural Born Killers

naturalbornkillersSorry for running a little late with this episode, but the Films Uncorked Podcast crew was making a cross-country trip with a special guest Aj Anglero the Writer & Director of We Lawless Few. Don’t worry, we didn’t have any issues with Mickey and Mallory, but we think that you are going to enjoy this episode to end the month of love.

R ‧  1994 ‧ Drama/Thriller‧ Movie Running time: 2h 2m

Reviewed by Alessandro Molluzzo, Tonia Winer, Andrew Wilcox, & Aj Anglero
Music: Leave Me Here by Skinny Wrists


Friday Movie Pick – Andrew

glassbanner2Dallas Buyers Club is my movie pick of the week. It is a flawed and yet perfect example of the Hollywood biopic due to it being so flawed.

Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto both play their roles wonderfully, and were recognized as such by the Academy, they are let down by a meat-fisted biopic story that loses its characters in the politics of its subject.dallas

As such, the film loses its momentum by the end and scrambles to tie together what loose ends are left. Many biopics suffer the same fate, with so much effort made to build a believable portrait of the figure in question and not enough to applying their life story to a resonant and coherent story structure. But fuck it, go watch it, it’s fine.

Friday Movie Pick – Alessandro

glassbanner2What Happened To Monday

Starring Noomi Rapace, Glenn Close, and William Defoe. About a futuristic time when people can only have one child from overpopulation (we should take notes folks cause stupid people are multiplying) anyways.

William Defoe is the father of 5 Identical twins And names them Monday through Friday andmonday it’s a story about how Monday went missing and the family has to go out looking for them on their certain day of the week. Great dialogue, great plot, great action, great film. You can all find it on Netflix if you haven’t seen it already made in 2017. You’re welcome… Oh, and a shout out to Derek Branco for bringing this film to my attention.

Friday Movie Pick – Tonia

glassbanner2The Conjuring

This movie scared me. I mean… really scared me. I think the reason why is that it seems so normal. When the movie starts you don’t get an info dump on the history of the house, the land, the deaths, previous residences, nothing. Just a loving family moving into an old house with old stuff in it.

From there little things happen at first and then it builds. One very important thing about this movie is that are no false scares. When something happens, it really happens and it can be unnerving because a lot of things will happen at the same time.conjuring

So for this recommendation, I decided to try and watch the movie again… alone. 31 minutes in and I had to take a break and watch something else. After that, I was prepared enough to watch it all the way to the end. This is such a great and spooky movie and I’d highly recommend this to anyone looking that kind of scare that will make you spill your popcorn!

Friday Film Pick by Alessandro

glassbanner2I have to go with a classic and hands down the only sequel to be so awesome that people forget about part one sooooooo my pick is…..(wait for it) Godfather II. Do I need to say more? Actually, I do, or Tonia would be mad.

Soo, Pacino & Deniro I mean c’mon do I have to say anymore? Yes, I do or then Andrew will be mad. Francis -Fucking- Coppola. An amazing gangster film. Listen, folks, I’m sure you have all seen this beauty but it’s a film that will never get old.p6319_p_v8_bc

If you’re not planning anything for the weekend then sure watch part 1 too but don’t you dare and I repeat DON’T YOU DARE! watch part 3. That’s my pick for the weekend, enjoy my all time favorite gangster film.

By Alessandro Molluzzo


Friday Movie Pick by Tonia

glassbanner2Friday is here and so is my next movie pick. Because I didn’t watch the Superbowl, I had a different movie selected than the one I’m posting today. However, after checking out the Superbowl commercials and found that a new Cloverfield was released on Netflix, I was sold.

Cloverfield Paradox, is perfectly named for this third installment in the Cloverfield franchise and many will love it, many will hate it, and others will just be confused. This is mainly the reason why I choose to still recommend this movie because regardless of your final decision it will make you think.

This movie was promoted as an explanation to the first movie… and possibly to the very end of the 2nd movie. However, that explanation leads to many questions and cloverfieldparadoxinterpretations instead of quenching our curiosity. And other than an info dump moment which I felt could have been changed into a dynamic conversation between the characters, I really enjoyed this movie. It also contained a scene that made me jump out of my skin, which made me incredibly happy.

However, if you do choose to watch this movie, do not go into with any type of expectations. If even possible, don’t even watch any previews, especially the Netflix preview on its website. As I said previously, this movie will make you think, and for me, this is why I loved this movie and will watch it again.

-Tonia Winer

Friday Movie Pick by Andrew

glassbanner2My second installment of the Andrew Wilcox film recommendation cycle has come. And here, without as much of the perniciously prevalent preamble as before, but thrice the alliteration, is my recommendation.

Take Shelter is a 2011 psychological drama/thriller starring that most manic of men, Michael Shannon. A family man begins having deeply unsettling prophetic nightmares about a world ending storm and finds himself split between trusting these visions and trying to protect his family at any cost or to seek help for what he dreads is a mental illness that runs in his family. Beyond being a tightly wound and beautifully crafted thriller, this movie had a very strong impact on me, especially as the movie goes to great lengths to takeshelterput you inside the perspective of Michael Shannon’s character Curtis, to show how he feels instead of just telling it. As a sufferer of mental illness myself, I found Curtis’ struggle to maintain a facade of normality as he loses the ability to trust in himself and the frightening experience of having to rely on other people more than your own senses true to life.

So if you want to see a masterful set of performances from Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain, as well as to experience both the alienation from the self and from one’s community told beautifully through cinematography and editing, in addition to enjoying a tense night at the movies; I heartily recommend Take Shelter.

Episode # 19 – True Romance

trueromanceFor our February movie selection, we choose a film written by Quentin Tarantino but directed by Tony Scott. True Romance is on the TV at Films Uncorked Podcast to start off the month of love.

R ‧  1993 ‧ Crime film/Thriller ‧ Movie Running time: 2h 1m

Reviewed by Alessandro Molluzzo, Tonia Winer, & Andrew Wilcox
Music: Leave Me Here by Skinny Wrists