vicky-short-filmMy film choice will be a little different this week as I’d like to highlight a short film, Vicky, by Indian filmmaker Manu Antony. Many films we have covered on the podcast have dealt with such concepts as captivity and the value of freedom, but Vicky does so in a unique way, in that the film takes place entirely through the point of view of a golden retriever. However, unlike other animal films, Vicky features no human dubbing or narration, as well as no CG. The doggo pulls off a compelling performance all on their own, which is just one of the ways this movie is technically magnificent. However, I don’t know if the theme of the short was executed as well as it could have been, although it was a credit to this movie that all the questions that were raised were because of the subtleties of the character played by a non-human actor.

The short is available on youtube so go ahead and watch the dang thing yourself and tell me how much of a schmuck I am for overanalyzing the dog movie.