glassbanner2The Conjuring

This movie scared me. I mean… really scared me. I think the reason why is that it seems so normal. When the movie starts you don’t get an info dump on the history of the house, the land, the deaths, previous residences, nothing. Just a loving family moving into an old house with old stuff in it.

From there little things happen at first and then it builds. One very important thing about this movie is that are no false scares. When something happens, it really happens and it can be unnerving because a lot of things will happen at the same time.conjuring

So for this recommendation, I decided to try and watch the movie again… alone. 31 minutes in and I had to take a break and watch something else. After that, I was prepared enough to watch it all the way to the end. This is such a great and spooky movie and I’d highly recommend this to anyone looking that kind of scare that will make you spill your popcorn!