glassbanner2Friday is here and so is my next movie pick. Because I didn’t watch the Superbowl, I had a different movie selected than the one I’m posting today. However, after checking out the Superbowl commercials and found that a new Cloverfield was released on Netflix, I was sold.

Cloverfield Paradox, is perfectly named for this third installment in the Cloverfield franchise and many will love it, many will hate it, and others will just be confused. This is mainly the reason why I choose to still recommend this movie because regardless of your final decision it will make you think.

This movie was promoted as an explanation to the first movie… and possibly to the very end of the 2nd movie. However, that explanation leads to many questions and cloverfieldparadoxinterpretations instead of quenching our curiosity. And other than an info dump moment which I felt could have been changed into a dynamic conversation between the characters, I really enjoyed this movie. It also contained a scene that made me jump out of my skin, which made me incredibly happy.

However, if you do choose to watch this movie, do not go into with any type of expectations. If even possible, don’t even watch any previews, especially the Netflix preview on its website. As I said previously, this movie will make you think, and for me, this is why I loved this movie and will watch it again.

-Tonia Winer