glassbanner2My second installment of the Andrew Wilcox film recommendation cycle has come. And here, without as much of the perniciously prevalent preamble as before, but thrice the alliteration, is my recommendation.

Take Shelter is a 2011 psychological drama/thriller starring that most manic of men, Michael Shannon. A family man begins having deeply unsettling prophetic nightmares about a world ending storm and finds himself split between trusting these visions and trying to protect his family at any cost or to seek help for what he dreads is a mental illness that runs in his family. Beyond being a tightly wound and beautifully crafted thriller, this movie had a very strong impact on me, especially as the movie goes to great lengths to takeshelterput you inside the perspective of Michael Shannon’s character Curtis, to show how he feels instead of just telling it. As a sufferer of mental illness myself, I found Curtis’ struggle to maintain a facade of normality as he loses the ability to trust in himself and the frightening experience of having to rely on other people more than your own senses true to life.

So if you want to see a masterful set of performances from Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain, as well as to experience both the alienation from the self and from one’s community told beautifully through cinematography and editing, in addition to enjoying a tense night at the movies; I heartily recommend Take Shelter.