glassbanner2I have to go with a classic and hands down the only sequel to be so awesome that people forget about part one sooooooo my pick is…..(wait for it) Godfather II. Do I need to say more? Actually, I do, or Tonia would be mad.

Soo, Pacino & Deniro I mean c’mon do I have to say anymore? Yes, I do or then Andrew will be mad. Francis -Fucking- Coppola. An amazing gangster film. Listen, folks, I’m sure you have all seen this beauty but it’s a film that will never get old.p6319_p_v8_bc

If you’re not planning anything for the weekend then sure watch part 1 too but don’t you dare and I repeat DON’T YOU DARE! watch part 3. That’s my pick for the weekend, enjoy my all time favorite gangster film.

By Alessandro Molluzzo